Hard to believe that by this time next week, 151 of us will have been on tour to Paris, having performed in Amiens and then Disney and also spent time touring Paris and hopefully flash-mobbing a bateaux-mouche! And all this, hot off the heels of a wonderful Spring Cheer! event yesterday at The Warehouse. Lots of local elderly folk who enjoyed an afternoon tea, a bit of pampering and the brand new spring set list from AS!

Lots and lots going on, so do make sure you check back here for some photos of the tour to Paris and if you’re interested in joining then hop over to the Calendar page where you can see what we have coming up (but to save you going there, we restart rehearsals on Sunday 23rd April at 7:30pm, if that’s what you’re after!) If you would like to come and see us in a gig, then all details you need will be on the Calendar page or on the Gigs tab.