Welcome to our downloads page. This is the place where you can download all the parts, words and dots you need to be able to practise at home. People learn their words and parts at home, in the car and sometimes even with each other, as all the parts in the choir (sop 1s, sop 2s, altos and men) have their own parts rehearsals round each other’s homes at various points throughout the term. All the files are stored in Dropbox and below is a link to be able to download them to your device. The parts are mp3s, the song words are Word documents and the dots are pdfs. If you are not at all computer literate and you have no idea what Dropbox is (or even a computer!) then don’t panic – one of our choir members produces a whole stack of CDs and words for people to use at home. One last request is please try not to bring words and any dots to the rehearsal, except to refer to in the break. We really try to get in the habit of all looking up and being free to add in our simple choreography!

Christmas Term 2019  – All the words, dots and mp3 parts!
Christmas Term 2019

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