What It’s Like!

What you see below are 100% genuine comments from people in Ashford Sings! They haven’t been edited, other than some of them have been truncated as their enthusiasm took a lot of space! These people were simply asked the question, ‘Can you please leave a couple of sentences about what it’s like being in AS! and how (if at all) it’s had an impact on you?’

Lisa Fox – I wasn’t sure what to expect when I decided to join ‘Ashford Sings’, especially as I joined on my own but everyone was so welcoming. This is now my second Term. The fun and lively atmosphere starts with Chris’s enthusiasm and humorous approach which carries through to members with a blend of laughter and singing so if you want to sing your lungs out and have a giggle too; join Ashford Sings!

Linda Barker –  Love the singing , making new friends, most of all having fun!

Linda Christie – I moved to Ashford in 2010 and only knew my daughter here – then I joined AS! and it truly changed my life. Sunday evenings set me up for the week with fun and friendship – and singing at the gigs and going on tour – that’s the highlight of my year!

Irene Hogben – Ashford Sings! is a choir for all ages, anyone and everyone is welcomed and valued. I love singing in a group and it’s something I can do with my daughter. It’s been a huge part of my life since it started in 2010. No matter how you come in to a Sunday night rehearsal, everyone leaves with a smile.

Ron Batchelor – Ashford sings! A great way to start the week. Making music, mixing with lovely people and doing a little to raise cash for a worthwhile cause. Thanks guys.

Jan White – However tired or glum I feel , it is so true that singing makes you feel good, uplifted. As one of the AS “originals ” I love having choir in my life

Lucy Walton – I always look forward to Sunday evenings singing with such a great bunch of people and having a good giggle too. Chris and Nic do a fantastic job making AS what it is and I’m so glad I joined.

Barbara Foxon – Wonderful to be part of such a friendly, fun-loving choir. Chris and Nic are truely inspiring.

Sue Townsend – I love singing with AS! I know I’m not the only one who is not an Ashford local, but it is so worth the journey on a Sunday night – singing with a wonderful group of people, entertaining others at our gigs both locally throughout the year and in Trafalgar Square at Christmas, all to raise money for the local hospice – under the great leadership of Chris and Nic. Love it!

Jenny Houghton – Ashford Sings is the most welcoming, happy, accepting, supportive, fun, loving community I’ve been part of. I know I could sit down in any chair and make friends with the person next to me. And it’s all down to Chris and Nic’s support and leadership, love you both X x

Mel Graham – The AS choir has really brightened up my Sunday evenings! Right from my first week I was hooked! It’s great to meet with a variety of people where everyone is valued and welcomed. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and there is a balance of fun and learning our singing parts which Chris and Nic lead brilliantly! There has been the added bonus of making new friendships and performing in settings including Trafalgar Square. Joining AS was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Sarah Longman – I joined AS with Harvey as we both love to sing, but it’s given us more than just able to sing with a group of people on a weekly basis. It’s the first time I can honestly say in my life I feel like I belong somewhere. AS gives opportunity to everyone of any age. I know that it doesn’t matter how difficult my week has been when Sunday comes around and I walk in I feel happiness and a sense of my worries have been removed for a couple of hours. In a nut shell it’s just awesome Nic & Chris are just amazing.
Harvey (age 10 – his own words) are that it’s fun, exciting, enjoyable. Makes me feel enthusiastic. People make me feel very happy. When I’m glum they make me bright and help me with my anxieties when I get really worried. I love going to AS!

Nicki Chisnall – 2015 was a very difficult year for me personally, so to be able to join the choir and feel part of something was a huge help to me. Everyone is very welcoming and I always leave with a smile on my face.

Linda Mummery – I love singing with AS it really puts a smile on my face when we do the gigs an people join in. An being able to raise money for a very worthy cause. Chris an Nic put a lot of time an effort in to sorting everything out, i’m so glad they do id be gutted if i couldn’t come to AS anymore! they are a fantastic couple.

Peter Barnes –  “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” to me sums up the AS approach to making the most our our individual strengths (and weaknesses!!)

John Wellard – AS! aim is to raise money for Pilgrims Hospice and to do that well we must practice, it also makes us happy when we get it right. It’s good to spend time together as a group of like minded people having fun for our community.

Kim Andrews – Pete and I joined the very first night, and have enjoyed it very much ever since. It was a huge decision for us to come and give it a go, as a shy couple we don’t mix very easily but with this group we’ve managed to make many friends whilst doing something we both love. THANK YOU ALL.

Emma Kelly – Joining AS was my New Years resolution for 2014 & I haven’t looked back. At the time I hadn’t lived in Ashford for long & was commuting into London daily and missing not feeling part of a community. AS has given me that community & is a fantastic start to the week. Chris & Nic bring much fun to rehearsals as well as bringing a great deal of knowledge in how to make a choir sound like a choir! I think we get there most of the time! Also lovely to be raising funds for the hospice – something that’s touched many people’s lives in different ways x

Ellie Crook – Since Joining AS! Its become part of my life , I am proud to call them my 2nd family because they are like family, I’ve made so many friends that I can proudly say hello to and not get any negativity back. When I first started I was thinking do I want to join a couple of times… so I gave it a try I went along and I was welcomed with open arms , everyone was so nice and welcoming and kind… So a Sunday evening is part of my life with these guys and where I’ve been having a great time , I come home and smile and as for what to say to Chris Kimmance and Nic Kimmance thank you for making AS! part of my life and I love you guys so much, so if you want to join a Choir Join Ashford Sings! Now!

Denise Hoare – The best thing I ever did always cheers me up even when I am feeling down.I have made some great friends. Always fun too.
Fiona Dorman – Best decision I ever made to join AS always cheers me up love doing the gigs and brightens my Sundays
Lorna Bennett – Joining AS! brought the chance to sing but so much more – lots of lovely new friends, performing with a great bunch of people (which was slightly scary but it’s always good to challenge yourself: nothing ventured , nothing gained, as they say), going on tour and singing in unusual places especially outside the Bayeaux museum and on the steps of the D Day museum at Arramanche, and doing good for the local community by raising money for Pilgrims Hospice.